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WireWise Tiered Organizer, 64 oz Jug

Model:WWP/N:88656GTIN:687329037575List:$95.17 USD
  • WireWise? Tiered Organizer 64 oz Jug

The new WireWise™ line of tiered organizers has an attractive, wire-frame design that is lightweight yet durable and provides great space savings for crowded countertops.

At just over 5" wide, this WireWise™ organizer neatly tiers three 64 oz flavor concentrate jugs (round or square) for a compact beverage station.

Organizer is shown with (3) reusable, portion-control pumps, which are sold separately. Pumps are sold separately simply because bottle threads and serving size can vary.

How do the reusable pumps differ?
  • BP-1 88000 dispenses up to 1 oz from a bottle with 38 mm threads (adjustable in 1/8 ounce increments)
  • BP-1/4 88180 dispenses a fixed, 1/4 oz serving from a bottle with 28 mm threads
  • BP-1/2 88190 dispenses a fixed, 1/2 oz serving from a bottle with 28 mm threads
Serving Application:
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Dimensional Weight13 lb | 5.9 kg
International Dim Wt16 lb | 7.3 kg


Specification Sheet


  • WireWise Organizers Manual
    WireWise Organizers | Manual 01684-C

    Manual for WireWise Organizers | Models WW 88711, 88654, 88656, 88652, 88662, 88572, 87907 & 87908 | Includes: Setup, Cleaning, Parts & Overall Dimensions

Parts Breakdown

  • Replacement Parts Chart | Eco Pumps
    Replacement Parts Chart | Eco Pumps

    Replacement parts chart for Eco Pumps | Head Assemblies, Seals, Pinch Valves, Cap/Lids, Springs, Cylinder Assemblies, Balls and Portion Reduction Collars

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